MaisondeChat Sea Mist, pictured above, retired from the show ring and went as a pet in 2012. Thank you to her new owners for keeping us updated. She is still playful like a younger kitten, and stunning!

Our Birman Kittens

MaisondeChat Bella's new owners say 'She has settled in so well and is such a little princess with both Justin and I being her servants! She has the most beautiful personality and has been responsible for almost continuous laughter since the day we brought her home. Thankyou so much for our little fluffy bundle, she has been everything we wanted and more!'

'Thought I would give you an update on how Christina is going. She is so brave and sociable, happy to meet new people...Has a lot of new toys but these are not as fun as socks it seems. Loves to follow me around everywhere and keep her eye on me. She is the sweetest, most gorgeous thing ever. Thank you for our little princess.'

MaisondeChat Christina's owners contacted us recently to let us know she is being taught to use the 'big toilet'

The new owners of MaisondeChat Valentina wrote: 'We are totally in love with our little princess, she has the most amazing personality and is so, so affectionate and playful.  Thankyou for such a beautiful kitten and addition to our family... '

The proud owners of MaisondeChat Lucy commented, 'Lucy has settled in so well, what an affectionate kitten–congratulations to your son on wonderful handling. We are all madly in love with Lucy!' 

Please email us for a kitten update at


Garden stroll seal boy

Kittens forsale 2017

Please email us if you would like to choose a kitten or to reserve a kitten before viewing at  

MaisondeChat Samira (seal point) has a sea lpoint girl who is available and a big calm lilac boy. Father is MaisondeChat Winter Snow.


A good Birman temperament is a very important requirement for cats that will be indoors alot and is one of the things serious breeders must take into consideration when trying to get a balance of features that carry on this breed into the future.

People sometimes phone about kittens, and forget to follow up with an email request. Email enables you to explain your needs and for us to notify you as soon as we have photos of the particular colour or personality you are looking for. If you are interested in inviting a beautiful Birman kitten into your home this year, email us at  We breed a small number of quality kittens each year and you may need to register to request a particular colour. 

Below are comments from people who are enjoying the excitement and companionship that a Birman kitten can bring to your home:

'My husband and I got Percy from you in March 2013. I just wanted to let you know he is a gorgeous cat. We love his affectionate personality and playful nature. He is a wonderful addition to our family...'

'The kittens have settled right in and are little bundles of joy. I can't believe how fluffy little Tigs is and Vivian has a nature and temperament like no other! They are gorgeous and we love all our babies so much. Home finally feels like home again; I've always believed a home isn't a home unless there's a Birman in it.  You are so talented at what you do. It's great that people like us are able to enjoy the benefits of your expertise.'

'He has brought so much laughter into our home! I could not ask for a cat with a better personality, he is so gentle and sooky yet playful and energetic. .... I am so happy to have bought one of your cats. I was completely convinced after seeing how wonderful your cats are in person that I was going to get one of them. Thank you for breeding such a beautiful little boy!'
 'Thank you for the time you took showing us your kittens in such beautiful surroundings. We have been delighted with our kitten..., her good health, breeding and temperament have seen her fit very easily into our house and family. From day one she was eating well and fully litter trained. She is so affectionate and has such a lovable personality. She loves to join in with whatever we are doing and everyday someone in the family says – I am so glad we have her!'